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Services Available:

Free, no obligation 10 minute phone call:

Free, no obligation phone chat.

One free, introductory, no obligation phone call to discuss your health goals, answer any questions that you may have and to see if you are a good fit together. Everybody is different with different needs and if there is a practitioner who is more suited to you, Marian is happy to refer you on to them,  otherwise you can discuss how you can work together, with Marian, to help you to achieve your goals.


Counselling for weight loss and weight management, motivation and positive mind set.

Do you struggle with food, weight loss, food cravings and other conditions related to your relationship with food? Does even thinking about food and diet bring up feelings of frustration, stress, anxiety and even depression?

Learn how to heal the psychological factors relevant to food cravings and weight loss, and the secondary levels that must be dealt with to achieve long lasting weight maintenance. 

Counselling sessions are strength based and formed on Positive Psychology principles and other counselling methods and techniques, such as Motivational Interviewing. This combination of modalities has been shown to give people a 51% greater weight loss, than standard counselling.*

Evidence based EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping) for emotional eating, cravings and weight issues is also available. 

(*Ford, M, et al. Does adherence to a motivational counselling program impact weight loss? Int J Health Sci (Qassim). 2017 Sept-Oct; 11(4): 13-17.)

Health & Wellbeing Coaching:

Health and wellbeing coaching for healthy food choices.

  Health and Wellbeing Coaching can help you to achieve the health, wellbeing and lifestyle goals that you want in your life. 

Marian's passion is to help and empower you to discover how you can reclaim your health, reduce stress and improve your energy, so that you can create the best version of yourself as possible and live a vibrant, healthy life.

Marian offers inspiration, advice, support and accountability, by helping with:

- dietary and nutritional advice

- how to add movement and exercise into your life in a way that is fun

- reducing and overcoming stress

- improving gut health

- help to overcome food cravings.

These sessions include free testing of:

- blood pressure, pulse, temperature,

- blood glucose level,

- urinalysis,

- zinc status,

and a physical examination that includes:

- body,

- tongue,

- nails,

- iris examination,

and an assessment using the Body Composition Monitor to measure your body composition, BMI and basal metabolism level.


Hypnotherapy for weight loss and stopping smoking

Hypnosis is a natural and enjoyable state of consciousness and relaxation, with a heightened sense of awareness that is brought about by suggestion.  During a hypnosis session, the client remains in full control.

Hypnosis can be used to successfully used with many conditions including:

- maintaining your ideal weight

- dealing with appetite

- controlling comfort eating

- becoming a non smoker

- releasing and managing stress and anxiety

- developing self confidence and self worth

Weight Management Coaching:

weight loss, weight management, lose weight, nutrition,

Our evidence based weight management coaching sessions work in partnership with you and are designed to help you gain energy and motivation, to identify and achieve your goals and to bring around lasting positive change to your life. 

These sessions are confidential and non-judgemental. We take a non-diet approach and concentrate instead upon equipping our clients with the skills and solutions that they may need to increase their self-efficacy and autonomy. Our approach encourages our clients concentrate on health behaviour change and body acceptance. 

Weight Management Programs & Follow-Up Sessions:

Weight loss programs and follow up sessions to maintain weight loss.

4 or 6, 1 hour weekly or fortnightly sessions, tailored to meet your individual needs, for people serious about creating long lasting change to their lives. Includes a free Welcome Pack, which includes a health journal and recipe e-book. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Healthy fruit and vegetables for weight loss.

Is this just for people who are only interested in Weight Management Coaching?

Not necessarily, because by discovering your personal nutritional needs can be the key to optimal health, whether you are looking to lose weight, increase your energy levels or for natural solutions to manage gut health, diabetes, inflammatory conditions, metabolic syndrome or general wellbeing. As a nutritionist, I believe that eating a variety of whole foods and developing a healthy, emotional relationship with food is the key for achieving long term health. 

How many sessions will I need?

I generally recommends 4-6 sessions, either weekly or fortnightly, and then the sessions are spaced 2-4 weeks apart for ongoing maintenance. The number of sessions needed and the length of time between sessions depends upon what your specific health goals are and the level of support that you may need. I am happy to discuss what works for you, along with what my individual recommendations are.

Are there discounts available?

Yes, there is a discount available to holders of current health care cards and pension cards. There is also a family discount available, if two or more family members sign up at the same time. Please ring me on 0409 188 284, if you hold one of these cards and/or wish to make a family booking. 

Can you help me improve my motivation or willpower?

Yes, through techniques learnt in counselling and coaching, I have been able to help many people learn how to motivate themselves to reach their goals and to change their mindset to a more positive one.

How is your weight loss program different from other programs that I've done before?

I believe that what makes my program different is that I offer:

- a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing

- one on one individualised care, 

- simple, practical steps to help you reach your goals

- a focus on long term results that last, 

- unconditional and non-judgemental support from a multi-skilled and qualified practitioner.

Are my sessions confidential and are there any exceptions?

Yes, absolutely, your session is confidential.

Your record is not accessible online and I am the only person within the clinic who has access to your files. Your consultations with me are not recorded online with "My Health Record."

I also don't send or accept social media requests from clients and their families to ensure that our interactions remain private and professional at all times.

I can liaise with your GP or other health professionals, as necessary, only with your consent. 

There are some exceptions to the confidentiality where there are some under jurisdiction, i have to tell the relevant authorities about if:

- I receive information about the abuse, sexual abuse, neglect or abandonment of a child,

- I receive information about a major criminal act or the intent to commit one,

- I receive information about the intent to hurt oneself or another person,

- I am subpoenaed by an Australian court to give evidence or to provide a clinical record. 

Meet Marian.


* Redefine the way you think about food, nutrition and exercise.

* Heal your relationship with food.

* Lose weight and keep it off.

Hi I'm Marian Macdonald and I am the director of Redefine Yourself Health And Wellbeing. I have helped hundreds of people reach their goals and improve their lives through nutritional advice, coaching, counselling and weight management programs.  

As a qualified coach and counsellor, I can help with:

- motivational strategies to get started on a diet and exercise plan and to stick to it.

-identify reward triggers of junk foods, how they sabotage weight loss and how to deal with this.

-understanding the psychology of weight management and how to succeed with it, by using a counselling technique known as Motivational Interviewing.

Motivational Interviewing  is a form of person-centred counselling that involves a collaborative conversation style for strengthening a person's own motivation and commitment to change. 

As a qualified  weight management coach and clinical nutritionist, I can help with: 

-meal plans and and a healthier way of eating to help you to become more successful with your goals.

-show you how to adapt your lifestyle to permanent weight management.

-use strategies to lower your body weight set point in your brain for permanent weight loss.


Clinical Nutrition:

Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine  

Australian Institute of Applied Sciences, 2018.

Nutritional Medicine draws on a holistic approach to healing, which takes into account the whole person - mind, body and spirit. It examines how diet affects health and wellbeing through the quality of food, as well as its preparation, and the balance of macro and micronutrients needed by the client at various stages of their life. Clinical Nutritionists specialising in Nutritional Medicine, provide dietary advice to clients and prescribe nutritional supplements to assist in the treatment of a broad range of health conditions.


Hypnotherapy Certification

Centre for Complementary Healing, 2017.

Master Hypnotist Certification 

The Tad James Training Company, 2018.


Bachelor of Counselling

Australian College of Applied Psychology, 2015.

EFT (Tapping) for Emotional Eating, Cravings and Weight Loss.

Mental Health Academy, 2018.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Coaching:

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner & Master Coach

The Tad James Training Company; 2018.

Other Certificates:

ASIST - Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training.

WIRE, 2018.

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE40110

Training  and Development Institute of Australia; 2015.

Updated Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE40116

Pinnacle Training; 2019.

Current First Aid Certificate

CBD College; 2018.

Diploma of Applied Science (Nursing) 

Australian Catholic University; 1989.(No longer practicing).

Currently studying: 

Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine)

Torrens University.

Member of:

Australian Natural Therapies Association

American Board of Hypnotherapy 

Australian Counselling Association

American Board of NLP & NLP-Coaching

Mental Health Academy

Australian National Register of Accredited Natural Therapists

Complementary Medicine Practitioner Associations Council


Health Fund Rebates are available from these and many other 

health funds for eligible clients through their private

health insurance extras cover, for nutritional coaching, nutritional counselling and for general counselling. Please check with your health fund directly to see what you are eligible for.

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